Raldie Young

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About Raldie...

Raldie Young, born Rex Okey Opara Jr., stands as a multifaceted force within the contemporary music landscape. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, he crafts a distinct identity as a music producer, songwriter, and performing artist, reshaping the boundaries of the present music industry.Amid standout achievements, he secured the OneBeat Virtual Music Fellowship (2021) and Goethe Talents (2022). The latter opportunity led him to Berlin, Germany, where he performed and drew inspiration for his latest EP, "BAHN." During the COVID-19 pandemic, "Talk True" from his mixtape "Songs From My Bedroom" caught the attention of "Lucid Lemons," boasting 970 Spotify streams. In 2023, "BASSDRUMS” (the second track on “BAHN”) was remixed by Nairobi-based experimental electronic artist Munyasya, and has gained over 800 Spotify streams so far.Raldie’s recent release, the double single “Sober / Loverman,” has garnered positive responses, setting the stage for his EP “In the meantime… Pt. 1,” which was later released on April 4, 2024. This EP is part of a series leading up to his highly anticipated debut album.Raldie's innovation shines in vocal manipulations, adding depth, and the fusion of distortion techniques. Drawing from R&B, hip-hop, and Afropop, his songs explore love, joy, and complexities, resonating universally.Within the vibrant soundscape of Afrobeats and Afrofusion in Nigeria, Raldie Young stands as a futurist interpreter. His interpretation diverges from the norm, weaving together unconventional and otherworldly elements, resulting in a genre-bending sonic signature. This fusion, harmonizing the obscure and the familiar, creates an innovative sound that transcends geographical boundaries.Performing at Pride In Lagos 2023, as well as the 2022 Pop-Kultur Festival and Goethe Talents Showcase Concert in Berlin Germany, he's cementing global influence.Endorsed by Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs Guide 2022 for a soul-enchanting blend of R&B vocals and profound personal experiences, Raldie Young's trajectory is promising.Raldie Young's digital footprint is expanding across multiple platforms, with a growing Instagram following of 1,424 and notable engagement in cities like Lagos and Berlin. His YouTube channel features popular videos such as "XXVIII (Summer In Berlin)" and "UNHOLY (A Raldie Young Freestyle)," while on Spotify and Apple Music, his monthly listeners are tuning in from diverse locations including Nigeria, Germany, and the United States. Soundcloud and Audiomack reflect a steady stream of plays, and Bandcamp sales indicate an international interest in his music. This online presence underscores Raldie's global reach and the anticipation for his upcoming projects.Raldie’s vision for the music industry includes diversity and empowered creators, bridging local and global collaborations. His upcoming debut album is eagerly awaited by fans and industry professionals alike. His transformative artistry continues to forge a path towards a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative musical landscape.

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